Membership Form 2019

Inny Kayakers Membership Form
Year of Membership 2019 (valid to end of December 2019)


  1. Never canoe alone! Less than 3 there should never be.
  2. Do not canoe if you cannot swim!
  3. Always wear adequate buoyancy & helmet and ensure there is adequate buoyancy in your boat!
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Adult €65, Student €40, Junior €30. Family €130.
Canoeing Ireland Membership. Adults membership €30, Junior membership €10
€10 per year.
Are there any physical or other condition(s) that the Inny Kayak Association should be made aware of? If yes please give details
Do you have any previous Canoeing/Kayaking or water sports experience?
Do you have any Canoe or Kayak proficiency awards? if yes, please specify.
Do you own your own kayaking equipment? If yes please list e.g. full set of equipment
As the club has its own website can pictures of you kayaking be placed on this website and social media websites
Would you like the Inny Kayak Club to keep in contact by
If paying by Paypal or Bank Transfer we will send you an email on how to complete your online registration. If you wish to pay by cash please note your membership will not commence until money is received by a member of the committee.
Insurance Details

I, in consideration of being admitted to the Inny Kayaking Association and allowed to participate in all of the Associations outings between 1st Jan to 31st Dec 2019 and use equipment provided by or on behalf of the Association, hereby undertake to indemnify the Association against all liability of any kind to myself or to other persons in respect of death or injury (including that due to neglect or fault of the Club, its members, servants or agents) suffered by me as a result of participating in Associations outings , and I declare that this indemnity shall (in the case of my death) be a continuing one binding on my legal person, personal representatives and my estate generally. I confirm that I can swim at least twenty-five meters and am proficient at treading water. I have read the Club’s safety statement and I agree to abide by it along with the other rules and regulations contained in the Members Manual and Club Constitution. I assent to abide by the Irish Canoeing Irelands Child Protection Policy and as such agree to fully adhere to the principles and responsibilities embodied in the Canoeing Irelands Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children.

The club committee reserves the right to refuse membership or in certain circumstances terminate membership.

Select, to sign the indemnity statement.

Membership is subject to ratification by the Committee
Completed forms & associated fees should be sent to the Treasurer before Feb 1st 2019.