Meet at: 
Inny Kayakers Club House, Ballymahon
Meeting time: 
19/01/2014 - 10:00
River Inny
Wild Water Race 2014

Sun 19 January 2014

Two Races on the day:

1-st race: Newcastle Woods - Ballymahon (3 km) - start 11:00
2-nd race: Ballymahon - Shrule Bridge (4 km) - start 13:00


  • Men's WWR Kayak
  • Junior Men's WWR
  • Women's WWR
  • Junior Woman's WWR
  • Wavehopper (Men's, Women's, Junior)
  • Open Class (G.P., K1, etc.)
  • C1 & C2
  • Junior C1

Extra classes can be added on the day.

Entries on the day or pre-entries via e-mail to:

Entries payable onsite:
1-st Race: €10 - Seniors; €5 - Juniors/Students
2-nd Race: €15 - Seniors; €7.50 - Juniors/Students

Meet at: 
Inny Kayakers Club House, Ballymahon
Meeting time: 
24/11/2013 - 14:00

Agenda for AGM
24th November 2013 at 2pm Inny Kayakers clubhouse

1. Chairpersons opening address
2. Presentation of certs
3. Treasurers financial report
4. Gear officers report
5. Junior officers report
6. Proposals/amendments to constitution
7. A.O.B
• Option of paying on-line
• Club trip next summer to Slovenia

8. Election of new committee


1. General meetings
I propose that there should be a minimum of 2 general meetings held during the year. All members are to be invited to these meetings. The first meeting should be held before the end of June, the second meeting should be held before the end of October.
David McCormack.

2. Gear Rental
Currently gear rental rates are as follows
Paid Members- €5 per day for boat and gear
No fee if member has own boat and only requires gear.
Boats and Gear will not be rented to non-members

It is proposed to add an annual rate to our gear rental policy as follows
€100 per year, once off payment for an individual.
€200 per year, once off payment family.
Members may now opt to pay an annual fee as above which would allow them use of boat and gear for 12 months starting on 1st January each year or they can continue to pay the daily rate. If a member joins the club or purchases their own boat/gear after January then a reduction/ refund will be made on a pro rata basis.

3. Key Policy
Current key rental as per our key policy is €10 per year.
In order to encourage existing members to use clubhouse and as an incentive to new members” it is proposed to reduce this to €3.00 “(based on the cost of cutting a key).
All other elements of key policy will remain unchanged.

4. Development plan
It is proposed that the Inny Kayakers Association create a 5 year development plan to encompass elements such as training, new membership, clubhouse development, gear purchase/requirements, other disciplines . This will give each successive committee a focus for their upcoming year.
(Committee /Mick)


Meeting time: 
17/11/2013 - 10:00
Inny Kayak Club
The Gathering
16th / 17th November

Get together Saturday night in Ballymahon
(Venue TBC)
Usual run Sunday morning 10:00
Grub in the Club house at 13:00
(yes we have one and its up and running!)
(If its honking can look at traveling to something meaty on the Saturday!)
Competition for oldest (serviceable) kit & boat on the day.
Can provide a certain amount of gear if people ask in advance.
Contact for info



The Liffey Descent is now open to entries. The Descent takes place on the 28th of September.

Download booking form here

Forms and payment can be posted back to:
Canoeing Ireland,
Irish Sports HQ,
National Sports Campus,
Dublin 15

Call 016251105 for any queries related to entries.

Meet at: 
Hidden Valley Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow
Meet at: 

The plan is to arrive on Fri evening or early Sat morning and paddle for the day.
On Sun. go for a surf or paddle a river, depending on conditions.


Meet at: 
Club House
Meeting time: 
21/04/2013 - 10:00

Mini Slalom competition on Sunday 21-st April on the Inny.
Meet at club house at 10:00.
Booby Prizes for the Senior and Juniors.;
All welcome,


Inny Kayakers Club is organising a 2 day Kayaking Course for beginners on 11-th and 18-th of May 2013 at Ballymahon Canal, Co. Longford.
Course is suitable for all people, who'd like to experience kayaking. Kids must be at least 10 years of age.
If interested, contact us via e-mail at


Meet at: 
Inny Kayakers Club House, Ballymahon
Meeting time: 
15/06/2013 - 11:00

Inny Kayakers Club is inviting everyone to an Open day of Kayaking on 8-th June 2013 at 11:00 on the Ballymahon Canal, Co. Longford.
Come and have a great day of fun, experiencing kayaking in a safe environment and enjoy our legendary BBQ party.



Details - closer to date.


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