Inny slalom race

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Inny slalom race

Hi IKA members,

2013 Inny Slalom Race is on the 3rd of March and we would like to get as many members as possible competing, if not coming out to see the action.
There are 5 Slalom boats on loan from the ICU from next Sunday until later in April for members to try out.
In prep for the race we are hanging gates for the next few weeks and are looking for some help from people during regular Sunday paddles, or on specific 'gate' days. Every bit we do gets the course closer to completion.
We made a good start today (Sun 3rd Feb) and have 6 lines across the river, but plenty left to do.
Next planned gate days are SAT 9th, - 9-13:00.

As above we will hang 1-2 gates on Sunday trips as well.
Anyone around this Saturday (the 9th) from 9(or tag along at 10 if thats too early) to 13:00 could you contact Dave Donnelly